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FastTrack – Using Big Data for Decision Making

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NC State Executive Education

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RTP Headquarters | 12 Davis Drive, RTP, NC 27709 Feb 24 8:30 am - Feb 24 12:30 pm

To gain competitive advantage companies are turning to advanced analytics in such topics as supply chain management, early stage market research, product development, competitor analysis, economic trends and even human resource management. The important element of Big Data is not the size of the data set, but rather the complex nature of the data. A “Big Data” set will include various types of data from numerous sources. The data will not be in rows and columns. The ability to incorporate disparate data into a decision model is why Big Data is a strategic analytical tool.

This session introduces participants to IBM Watson and Text Analytics and provides an overview of how to use Big Data Analytics to make strategic business decisions and to guide the efforts of others to collect, store and analyze data.

Faculty: Tim Michaelis

Outcomes: Participants will learn an 8-step process for analyzing data and will practice making decisions based on that data.

Location: RTP Headquarters - Meeting Room A, 12 Davis Drive, Durham, NC 27709