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FastTrack – Strategy Matters at Any Level

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RTP HEADQUARTERS | 12 DAVIS DRIVE | RTP, NC 27709 Mar 22 8:30 am - Mar 22 12:30 pm

Strategy is about the future - how to create and capture value for customers in the years to come. Rooted in today, but informed by the trends, forces, and opportunities of tomorrow. Learning how to think strategically is essential in a world where competitive advantage is fleeting. This FastTrack session is designed for working professionals at all levels - strategic thinking is not just for the boardroom. Faculty: Greg Hopper

Outcomes: Through the CAFE System - Context>Analysis>Formulation>Execution - you will learn some of the leading strategy frameworks, models, and tools, and how to apply them in your company.


RTP Headquarters - Meeting Room A

12 Davis Drive

Durham, NC 27709

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