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FastTrack – Developing Accountability in Your Teams

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NC State Executive Education

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RTP Headquarters | 12 Davis Drive, RTP, NC 27709 Mar 15 8:30 am - Mar 15 12:30 pm

Organizations can only reach their true potential when people are accountable for their actions. Too often organizations suffer from a culture of hiding & blaming, which keeps them from excelling. Having a culture where the right people are doing the right things is no accident – it requires thoughtful planning & disciplined leadership.

Faculty: Scott Brown

Outcomes: Participants will...

  • Assess the effectiveness of current reward systems.
  • Identify what sorts of actions that shape the accountability culture at your organization & develop a plan to adjust those actions accordingly.
  • Learn to build accountability systems that rely heavily on natural consequences rather than contrived consequences.

Location: RTP Headquarters - Meeting Room A, 12 Davis Drive, Durham, NC 27709