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FastTrack – Communicating Effectively for Innovation

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NC State Executive Education

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RTP Headquarters | 12 Davis Drive, RTP, NC 27709 Feb 3 8:30 am - Feb 3 12:30 pm

Have you ever suggested a great idea and it fell flat with your team or your boss? Or found that you didn't understand a colleague's creative approach or motivation? As employees, we respond to innovative ideas in different ways. Surprisingly, our responses reflect our instinctual communication preference - one which may not be apparent to others. This FastTrack session will provide you with added skills to listen, understand and communicate more effectively with team members and critical stakeholders. Faculty: Beth Ritter

Outcomes: Participants learn the preference profiles for communicating (listening and delivering messages), including their own.


RTP Headquarters - Meeting Room A

12 Davis Drive

Durham, NC 27709