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EXPOSED! Navigating Professional Relationships in a Post-#metoo World

THE FRONTIER | 800 PARK OFFICES DRIVE, RTP, NC Jan 12 11:45 am - Jan 12 1:45 pm

Event Description

Is your company feeling a little exposed? Are you concerned that your sexual harassment policy and training program might not be enough? Are you secretly wishing that this whole #metoo campaign will end?

Well…it won’t, and sticking your head in the sand won’t help.

It’s time to take an honest look at your organizational culture, because that “keep quiet” aka non-disclosure agreement is not going to save you.

Instead, let’s talk about how your company should navigate professional relationships in a post-#metoo world.

Seminar Topics

Past: What we used to do. What worked. What didn’t work.

We’ll take a look at the employment definition of sexual harassment and discuss past moments in history that got us to where we are.

We’ll highlight the legal strategies that were often used, where they fell short, and the gaps that still exist.

Present: Worries about #metoo and #aminext.

We’ll discuss how language ambiguities and the blurred boundaries of work-personal relationships have made navigating professional relationships harder.

We’ll talk about the current strategies that are used to manage relationships and expectations in the workplace and where those are failing.

Future: Policies and firings will not be enough.

We’ll talk about what will be expected of companies in the future regarding organizational culture and legal liability.

We’ll look at the steps companies can take to be leaders in making workplaces of the future safe for all.


This is a free and open seminar. However, given the sensitive nature of the issues being discussed, we are asking participants to be respectful of all questions, concerns, and comments. This is an interactive seminar designed to help our community and companies build professional relationships and work environments that are safe for all.

Seating is first-come, first-served, and although registration is encouraged, registration does not guarantee your seat. Bring your lunch, and be prepared to ask tough questions.

The seminar will start at 11:45 with general introductions. The main content portion will begin at 12:00. The seminar discussion will formally end at 1:30, with 15 minutes post-seminar for individual questions.

Note: Your participation in this seminar with Shelia A. Huggins does not constitute attorney-client privilege. Therefore, please do not share any information in this setting that you wish to remain confidential. This is a public event.


The Fusion Room at The Frontier in The RTP