The Research Triangle Park

Employee to an Entrepreneur

RTP HEADQUARTERS | 12 DAVIS DRIVE, RTP, NC 27709 Oct 3 5:30 pm - Oct 3 8:00 pm

Are you currently an employee working at a large/medium/small company and struggling to switch to be an entrepreneur? You have a passion to be an entrepreneur, but not able to get out of your routine 9 to 5 job? If answer is yes, come join this panel session to learn from employees like you that became successful entrepreneurs. 

Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes more than a great idea and important connections (although both do help). Making the shift from the steady life of a full-time employee to the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship requires a shift in mindset that many overlook. In fact, some of the work habits that you so carefully honed as a good employee don’t necessarily translate well into the world of an entrepreneur.

Our distinguished panelist includes following proven entrepreneurs from Triangle area who have created and sold companies for multi-million dollars. Before starting their entrepreneurial journey, these panelists were like you i.e. employees of large and or small companies in Triangle area.