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Crowdfunding Your Next Fundraiser: The New N.C. Options

The Frontier | 800 Park Offices Drive | RTP, NC 27709 Nov 10 12:00 pm - Nov 10 2:00 pm

Because of legislation passed by the N.C. General Assembly in July 2016, startups in North Carolina can now raise up to $2 million from average investors using their own web site or a registered funding portal. A further simplified option, called the Local Public Offering (LPO), permits raising up to $250,000 without use of a web site. Think of this as a friends-and-family round except now any North Carolina resident can back an offering. These options include various safeguards for investors while expanding fundraising avenues for startups. Learn about recent developments in investment crowdfunding including:

Data on what has worked and what has not in crowdfunding
Why breweries, distilleries and customer-driven companies are leading the pack
How more than 300 startups have filed for federal crowdfunding
Why N.C.’s LPO option is unique among states
Taught by Leo John, Agency Legal Specialist, N.C. Department of Secretary of State, Raleigh. This seminar is part of the SOSNC Business Education Series.

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