The Research Triangle Park

Code Basics

Durham, NC Mar 15 6:00 pm - Mar 22 8:00 pm
Dynamic technology is quickly shaping our future. The Code Basics course provides an insight into the tech industry and allows students to explore possible career pathways in coding. Professional web developers are in demand in the Raleigh-Durham area. Web developers create the websites you use every day on the internet. Being able to write code — the different languages that run computer hardware and software — is an essential skill for working as a web developer, and valuable for many other careers in the tech industry, like marketing, project management, and entrepreneurship.
Powered by Durham Tech and Momentum Learning, Inc., the Code Basics course is for beginners who want to lay the groundwork for a career in web development. These classes will take place over five evenings, and will teach people how to build an interactive website from scratch. Students will gain a functional, foundational understanding of how the web works from a professional, in-person instructor. Students are required to bring a laptop (mac or windows) preloaded with Chrome and a computer charger cord to class. 10
hours. $249
Registration: At the registration link, select the link "Register and Pay for Continuing Education classes," then type in the Code Basics course name into the search box and follow the directions. For additional information or questions, email Doug Aitkin at [email protected] or call 919-536-7239, ext. 4303.
Monday-Thursday 3/15-3/22 6pm-8pm
Location: American Underground | Durham, NC