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Coaching and Curiosity- The Perfect Partnership

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Linda Vasquez
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FRONTIER RTP | 800 PARK OFFICES DRIVE, RTP, NC May 15 11:00 am - May 15 1:30 pm

Join us as we gain a fresh perspective for the power of curiosity, an
understanding of its parts, and a plan for how to cultivate it.

Genuine curiosity is a guiding principle in our work as coaches, leading us and our clients to a better self.  One of a coach's greatest senses of accomplishment comes from knowing they helped their clients move forward in achieving their personal and professional goals.  Being deeply curious is an essential part of effective coaching.

The impact of curiosity is often overlooked even though it precedes nearly every personal experience.  At some level, it influences our decisions and drives us to what is next. Yet, research indicates many don’t consider themselves curious. 

We will explore curiosity as a human behavior and a state-of-mind by reviewing current research, learning from today's thought leaders, and engaging in a dynamic discussion about the power of curiosity.  We will also explore ways to recognize curiosity and how it impacts growth and development.

The session details the four components of curiosity through an interactive dialog for participants to gain a fresh perspective on openness, inquisitiveness, problem solving and distress tolerance.  The full benefit of curiosity is achieved when we break it down into actionable parts and design a path to cultivate it within ourselves and ultimately with our clients.

Sadly, current trends are eroding our ability to stay curious.  When harnessed, curiosity moves us forward in nearly every aspect of professional and personal life.  Together, lets learn how to fully leverage curiosity to impact an individual's ability to make better decisions, navigate challenging conversations, remain optimistic, drive personal growth, and improve learning and memory.