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Carolina Sexual Wellness Center

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FRONTIER RTP | 800 PARK OFFICES DRIVE | CLASSROOM May 30 7:00 pm - May 30 9:00 pm

Carolina Sexual Wellness Center is proud to present “Creating and Maintaining a Vital and Satisfying Sexual Relationship” featuring Dr. Barry McCarthy, one of the most prominent, knowledgeable, and accessible voices in the areas of sexuality and healthy relationships.

This engaging 2 hour presentation will explore common myths and misconceptions about couple sexuality and discuss the role of sexuality in people’s lives and relationships, the new sexual mantra of desire/pleasure/eroticism/satisfaction, and the difference between the relational style and the couple sexual style.

Dr. McCarthy will focus on strategies to maintain a satisfying, secure, and sexual relationship where the role of sexuality is to allow you to feel desire and desirable and to energize your bond. He will also discuss controversial issues such as affairs and compulsive sexuality, how to deal with a history of sexual trauma, and the paradoxical role of healthy and unhealthy couple sexuality. Discussion and questions are encouraged.

The event is free!  To register, please visit our Eventbrite page HERE!