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Business & Bagels – Turning Data into a Competitive Advantage

RTP HEADQUARTERS | 12 DAVIS DRIVE | RTP, NC 27709 Mar 6 7:30 am - Mar 6 9:00 am

Add Value to Your Business

Business & Bagels is a free breakfast series hosted by Duke’s Executive Education, where Fuqua School of Business faculty members share their latest research with members of the community. The series addresses topics of interest to organizational leaders who are looking for new ideas to spark their problem-solving and innovation initiatives.

March 6: Turning Data into a Competitive Advantage

On March 6, 2018, join us for our next Business & Bagels event with Duke’s Fuqua School of Business Economics Professor Jeremy Petranka as he describes what Big Data “is”, and how it can help you attain a strategic advantage.

Data Science vs. Business Strategy

Professor Jeremy PetrankaWhile companies have access to more data than ever, nearly half of high-performing firms don’t credit their business analytics initiatives with providing their competitive advantage. Data analytics has the power to provide critical insights for business leaders, so where is the disconnect?

An important factor is the divide between data scientists and business leaders. Data scientists don’t always understand the needs of the business while business leaders often don’t appreciate what data science can do for them. Dr. Petranka will explain the overarching themes of data science in non-technical terms, showing you how it can be used to give your business a competitive edge.