The Research Triangle Park

Biohacking with Nutrigenomics

The Frontier | 800 Park Offices Drive | RTP, NC 27709 Nov 9 6:30 pm - Nov 9 7:30 pm

Everyday our bodies are hijacked by the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, the activities that we do, and even the water that we drink! Now, after 40+ years or research there is a way to Biohack our bodies at the cellular level using Nutrigenomics!

Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease. We will discuss how you can use Nutrigenomics to Biohack your bodies to create better health by reducing the signs of aging, lower the effects of illness and disease, and simply healing your bodies naturally at the cellular level!