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Best Life Executive Summit

Best Life

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Best Life Global, LLC

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Brett Blair
[email protected]

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RTP Headquarters | A.K.D. Conference Center Aug 23 11:30 am - Aug 23 6:30 pm

The 3rd Annual Best Life Executive Summit is an opportunity to learn and be inspired by thought leaders from around the U.S. The theme is "Flourishing - In Business and in Life." A keynote speech delivered over catered lunch, followed by fast-moving speaking, breakouts, and panel discussion make up the educational portion of the day. A cocktail reception with heavy hors d'oeuvres will provide an opportunity to meet each of the speakers and others in attendance.

The event is a part of the Best Life Movement - a collection of people from around the U.S., each with the goal to live their best lives, while helping other people do the same thing. We all believe that the best is yet to come!