The Research Triangle Park

Automotive Intelligence Summit

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Cherokee Media Group

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Mike Trainor
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Raleigh, NC Jul 24 10:00 am - Jul 26 1:00 pm
The Automotive Intelligence Summit (AIS) 2018 is delivering the opportunity to connect with leading minds who are involved within the automotive, auto finance and transportation-related industries. AIS 2018 is an executive-level meeting designed for C-suite leaders who desire access to the best intelligence, data and analysis available.
As an aggregator of the top industry minds, AIS 2018 will provide attendees an experience packed with powerful insights, information and knowledge that can make a significant impact on their business planning and success.
AIS 2018 organizers are leveraging experience and relationships from a wide swath of the automotive, financial and technology sectors to deliver a unique, three-day event that will give attendees a better understanding not only of what’s happening now, but also what’s ahead to keep you and your firm ahead of the technological curve.
Location: 4500 Marriott Drive