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Applied Blockchain: What This Technology Means For Your Business

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The Triangle | RTI International, 3040 E Cornwallis Road RTP, NC Oct 25 8:00 am - Oct 25 5:00 pm

This day-long workshop will showcase subject-matter experts and use live demos of working prototypes to illustrate the strengths and limitations of blockchain technology. The speakers will cover a range of business, technical, and legal areas and highlight some of the major barriers, driving forces, and prevailing trends in the technology landscape.

Participants will: 
- Learn the basics of blockchain technology, including how a blockchain works, an overview of the key terms, and how a system is deployed.
- Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different blockchain approaches
- Understand when and where blockchain has an advantage over alternative technologies
- Hear from industry observers and developers about the emerging trends and future possibilities for the technology
- Hear from organizations who have experience developing blockchain applications

Lunch is provided.

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