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The 7 Steps of Intentional Leadership – Making Good Bosses Into Great Leaders

AIA Building | 14 E Peace St Raleigh, NC 27604 Oct 6 8:00 am - Oct 6 2:30 pm

Experience is NOT the best teacher and yet we continue to place people into management and leadership programs to gain “experience” without training or coaching to help them become effective.  If experience was such a great teacher then we should all be world class parents…THE most important leadership responsibility we have.  Many of us have a lot of experience but few of us are very good at this important job.  THERE IS A BETTER WAY!!


I believe most employees want to do a good or even great job and most bosses want to be good or great leaders.  The problem is WE JUST DON’T KNOW HOW!


Where do we start? 

What is most important?

What should we spend our time learning?

How do we become more effective leaders?


The 7 Steps of Intentional Leadership

provides a path to answer these questions.


This is a program built from the “inside-out” to give leaders a path to effective leadership.  The 7 Steps are designed for all levels of leadership and management to learn, apply, practice and eventually create a personal leadership brand that connects with employees to create excellence, build loyalty, and execute.


The skills needed to effectively execute The 7 Steps of Intentional Leadershipcan be improved immediately while taking a lifetime to master. 


What you gain from this workshop:

  • Insights into your leadership foundation, emotional intelligence and communication styles.
  • Research based approach to understand and expand your unique leadership identity.
  • New acquaintances to support each other’s journey if you choose.
  • Workbook to use as your guide.
  • Much, much more based on your personal engagement and commitment during and after the workshop.
***  Includes Participation, Training Manual & LUNCH!