Our services include helping school systems, non-profits, and Institutes of Higher Education to write grant proposals, evaluating grant-funded programs, setting up infrastructure for moving into a data-driven framework, and professional develop customized for addressing an issue, such as increasing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) success, Family Involvement, or Improving Literacy. Our professional development is supported by online toolkits of resources for educators to use throughout the year as they implement research-based data-driven plans. We also provide online grant-writing toolkits to support non-profits or other agencies to write grants.

Our years of experience helping educators understand data, and our skills will data are unique in education. We create Data-Visualization Dashboards to help educators see the relationships between outcomes and what the data say students need. These are easy to use and unlike anything educators have had in the past. We help make sense of the data so our clients can do what matters.


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