digiLEARN: Digital Learning Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating digital learning for all ages with a goal of increasing personal learning options for students and expanding instructional opportunities for teachers and instructors. In addition, digiLEARN will focus on cultivating an innovative economy for education technology start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

digiLEARN was founded and is chaired by former North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue, with former Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer serving as vice chair. 

digiLEARN will bring together educators, entrepreneurs, policymakers and other thought leaders as it works toward a future-defining educational system fueled by an integrated and innovative digital culture that prepares all learners—and our nation—to flourish in an increasingly technology-driven world. Technology can power each education. digiLEARN will work to create a shared pathway to an integrated digital education future by bridging gaps and creating opportunities at the intersections of education, business, and policy.  


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