Engaging people and making them motivated and empowered about participating in your studies… That’s what we do. Clinical Ambassador addresses the barriers that often result in shortfalls. For the right people, your study can be a compelling option. And we know how to make the most of it.

We create marketing communications with beauty and clarity, and specialize in “difficult-to-reach” and underrepresented populations. We listen to your target audience and members of the community to understand what drives motivation. Beyond mere demographics, we dig deep to identify their needs and manage expectations. And then we craft images and words that work together to tell your unique story using high standards of transparency, ethics and regulatory standards. Tap our interpersonal charisma and a bottomless pit of creative energy that allows us to connect better. They’re not “unwilling.” They simply haven’t been approached the right way.

We’re the recruitment shot-in-the-arm you’ve been waiting for. And not a moment too soon. Clinical Ambassador custom-blends a marketing strategy for every study that combines humanity and ingenuity while reinforcing patient rights and informed consent. We bring a fresh approach, broaden patient access and accelerate trial completion. And our help comes in small, medium, and large.


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