The Research Triangle Park

Nominate a Coworker of the Month

Who should be our next coworker of the month?

Know a coworker who deserves a little recognition? Tell us why! Coworker of the Month will receive a dedicated workspace, a prized parking spot for the whole month, and a Frontier goodie bag.

Meet our past coworkers of the month:

August 2018 – Paul Mosca

July 2018 – Swanand Mokashi

June 2018 – Ursula Mannix

May 2018 – Kelly Barber-Lester

April 2018 – Danny Peneyra

March 2018 – Adam Silver

February 2018 – Aditi Parashar

January 2018 – Terry Rekeweg

December 2017 – Kerry Guest

November 2017 – Chris Lysy