The Research Triangle Park

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 Who We Are:

A group of like-minded RTP employees who work to promote ways to get to work that don’t include sitting in your car alone in 8:00 AM traffic.

Other than reducing traffic congestion, our goals include improving local air quality and reducing vehicle emissions.

How Do We Plan On Doing This?

Our goal is to utilize the combined voice of the Park to advocate for improved transportation service.

In addition, there are many commuter alternatives encouraged within the Park…we’ll even pay for you to try them (a.k.a. free rides)!

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Enjoy financial savings, stress reduction and reduced vehicle maintenance by finding a driving buddy! Find people around you who are interested in an easy and flexible way to share the ride. 

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Vanpools are really just amped-up carpools. Riding with seven or more commuters that live and work near you allows for some social interaction before and after the workday! Or a chance to catch a few more Z’s while somebody else takes the wheel.

Working in RTP has its perks. Research Triangle Foundation will reimburse your first three months of ridership. That means 3 months of riding to and from work for free. No gas payments, no worry about vehicle wear and tear. You read that right.

If you’re interested in finding an existing vanpool near you or even starting your own, check out STRNC.

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RTP is the lucky recipient of bus service by Triangle Transit! More good news? They will help you plan your trip online or by phone by calling (919) 485-RIDE.

Are you a new bus rider? Is your employer a [email protected] memberIf so, you are eligible for a free bus pass. Please email [email protected] for more details.

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Healthy hearts are all the rage these days and we’re here to help you get one. Try biking and walking to work to benefit health and eliminate financial costs all together!

Visit for some resources for cyclists, including posted routes into RTP.

If you already bike/walk to work, join our RTP bike-ped listservewhere we alert you to bike news and alerts, Park-wide bike updates, even free breakfasts and perks for bike commuters! Don’t miss out on a free bagel.

RTPark has some beauty to it. With roughly 17 miles of pedestrian and jogging trails and mountain bike trails pretty enough to make anyone an avid cyclist, there’s much to be seen.

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Instead of sitting in 8 am and 5 pm gridlock, how about eliminate the commute altogether? Teleworking offers you a way to part-time, full-time or just occasionally work from home instead of sitting on I-40 during the rebuild. Keep in mind “home” could also mean your favorite coffee shop or library. Eliminating, or reducing, your commute just got a whole lot more tasty.

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As the best friend you never knew you had, Emergency Ride Home will make sure you are never stranded at the work place during a family emergency, unscheduled overtime, or a ridesharing driver who can’t shuttle you at your usual time. They’ll even allow a necessary side-trip on the way home, such a picking up a sick child at daycare.

Make sure your employer is registered with the program. If you’re an employer that feels left out from that list, you should. Change that by registering here.


If you are an RTP employee who incorporates transit into your daily commute, whether by bus or vanpool, you qualify to receive a $25 bus pass or a 3-month vanpool reimbursement! We think you deserve it!

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