The Research Triangle Park

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Who We Are…

A committee made up of Research Triangle Park employees with very modest goals:

    • Preserving clean water for all
    • Keeping the air breathable
    • Promoting green building practices
    • Keeping the abundant wildlife in the park safe and happy
    • World peace — Ok, so maybe not the last one (though we support it!)


We set lofty goals for protecting the environment and work toward them by:

    • Sharing best environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices among RTP companies
    • Working with local government to bolster environmental protection
    • Educating RTP companies and creating a coordinated strategy
    • Adding new members! If your RTP company is not yet part of this committee, please contact us for some more information


Guiding it All: A Commitment to Sustainability

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” – Brundtland Commission

The Research Triangle Park features world-leading science and technology companies, many of which are performing research and creating the products that will help us achieve a more sustainable future. They are implementing science-based solutions to minimize their carbon footprint, while monitoring and reporting resource use and emissions. RTP companies have also turned their faces to the future, implementing proactive resilience strategies in the face of climate change.


But what can you DO? Keep an eye on the calendar here at for events including:

  • Annual Electronics Recycling Day – this program has recycled 765,459 pounds of household e-waste from Park employees already.
  • Bluebird (and other!) Boxes: The Research Triangle Foundation built a bluebird trail with 40 actively-monitored boxes along our pedestrian trail. These boxes provide housing for Eastern Bluebirds, Carolina Chickadees, House Wrens, even Flying Squirrels. We also have boxes for bats, wood ducks and more. Each year, RTP employees are given the chance to adopt a box for bluebird nesting season and witness conservation first-hand. Contact us for more information! See a map of our bluebird boxes.

About the RTP Blue Bird Box Adoption Program

Training Video

  • Take a walk on our Tree ID Trail: Because of the rich diversity of native North Carolinian trees that grow around RTP, a Tree Identification Trail is marked in the section between Development Drive and Kit Creek Road near Davis Drive. You can also explore our additional jogging/walking/mountain biking trails.
  • If you have a question about your RTP company’s environmental impact, let us know! We have resources to help, and if we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll find out.