The Research Triangle Park

About the Program

RTP Fit is a newly-launched initiative aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles for members of the RTP community. The Research Triangle Park is an ideal setting to get out and be active while maintaining wellness in the workplace. We are dedicated to providing the programming and facilities that allow you to Keep Active and Stay Well!

Below, you’ll find a list of some upcoming RTP Fit events. Stay connected with RTP Fit by signing up for our Newsletter, following us on Twitter (@TheRTP) and checking our main Events Calendar. We’ve got great stuff going on year-round!


Stay tuned for our next #RTPfit week! We offer several fitness classes, absolutely free!

RTPfit-kickboxingRTPfit-ZumbaRTPfit - Cardio BasicsRTPfi t- yoga - level 1RTPfit - Yoga - Basics



Have ideas for how we can expand this program? We are always open to working with partners who have a passion for building community through health and fitness activities. Get involved by sending your ideas to or @TheRTP on Twitter, using  #RTPFit.


Recreation in the Park

Mountain Bike Trail

Our 7,000 acres are filled with much more than just large companies and parking lots. We take pride in providing an environment that is pleasing to work in, and fun to play in. Our various leagues provide an outlet for group sports play, and our miles of walking and biking trails provide that one-on-one time with nature everyone needs.

Trails are open to everyone – all we ask is that you respect the land.

Athletic fields are available for pickup games. RTP employees can make softball field and volleyball court reservations by contacting Reservations may be made up to 2 weeks in advance for a maximum of 4 hours each. RTP leagues and RTP company events have priority use of fields.


Mountain Biking Trails

Located on Louis Stephens Drive, south of Kit Creek Road

RTP Trails

There are over 18 miles of asphalt pedestrian trails in The RTP, including:

(Parking for the trails is available at RTP Headquarters, The Frontier or at any of the above recreation sites)

The RTPfit Scavenger Hunt

You may have noticed a few teal mailboxes around The RTP… don’t be shy, open them for an adventure around the Park. For more information on the scavenger hunt, visit the info page for a downloadable map and hints to help you along the route: RTP Scavenger Hunt

 Sports Leagues

Find out more information on RTP’s 3 sports leagues by visiting the league websites

Fields 1&2

Located on East Institute Drive, just off of Cornwallis Road

    • 2 softball fields
    • 3 sand volleyball courts

Fields 3&4

Located on South Tri-Center Blvd, just off of Cornwallis Rd

    • 2 softball fields
    • 3 grass volleyball courts
    • Open play area