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coworkers at an RTP program event

@RTP Programs

The Research Triangle Park offers its employers and employees an array of opportunities for professional development, community building and environmental stewardship.

Some of these programs are generated internally by the Research Triangle Foundation.

And others are created by the Owners & Tenants Association (O&T) and are aligned with the RTP Foundation’s goals of continuing to foster a spirit of community, sustainability, innovation and collaboration.

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Events at The Research Triangle Park - Open to Everybody

We are opening the doors of our headquarters to host a series of ongoing, community-driven events. We're going to start small. Try new things. And we hope you'll come with us on the journey.

Sustainability Programs & Initiatives - For Companies Within RTP

Environment @rtp

Environment@rtp is a committee of the RTP Owners & Tenants Association to coordinate the management of air, water, waste and wildlife habitat in RTP. The committee also facilitates interaction with city and county officials in the Triangle for water resources, planning for future development and in times of drought. The team shares best practices and helps companies with emission regulations, waste management and electronics recycling.

» Learn more about wildlife management at RTP

SmartCommute @rtp

SmartCommute@rtp is a joint committee of the RTP transportation management association and the RTP Owners & Tenants Association. The group’s goals are to promote alternate commuting practices to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in RTP and beyond, including coordinating the annual regional SmartCommute Challenge campaign with GoTriangle.

Community Programs - For Companies Within RTP

Community Outreach @rtp

Community Outreach @rtp is a committee of the RTP Owners and Tenants Association that organizes RTP employees for volunteer opportunities to benefit the greater Triangle. Since its establishment in 2008, the committee has focused on education and recently launched the RTP Back to School backpack and school supply drive, with the intention of making it an annual event.

GetConnected @rtp

Get Connected @rtp events are designed to provide information exchange and networking opportunities for RTP employees. Select forums focus on current issues and topics, with other events planned around social settings enabling employees to mingle with their RTP neighbors.

Security @rtp

Security @rtp is a formal committee of the RTP Owners & Tenants Association and the Research Triangle Foundation, comprising security directors and leaders from RTP companies, as well as officers from local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The committee meets quarterly to discuss safety issues and share best practices for protecting employees and safeguarding physical and intellectual property of RTP companies. The committee also manages a small tax-funded budget for security, including a Park-wide emergency notification system.


Many RTP companies are building community through participation in sports leagues. Learn more.

Collaboration Programs - By Invitation

Triangle Area Research Directors Council (TARDC)

TARDC is an association of scientific and research leaders in the Triangle region who meet for monthly luncheons to network and hear presentations on topics of common interest. TARDC programs have a subsidiary focus on research policy and the environment necessary to support high-impact research. Past speakers include Nobel Prize winners, university chancellors, and leaders in innovation and discovery.