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VC Pitch Prep Event: MegaWatt Ventures Cleantech Challenge




2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


US Department of Energy, MegaWatt Ventures, Cherokee Partners, American Underground


American Underground, in partnership with Cherokee Partners (of Raleigh) is hosting an information jam session in conjunction with the MegaWatt Ventures Cleantech Challenge.

This means a $100,000 prize – for the winning clean tech SMB startup. Applying teams must have a student employed by their venture.


US Department of Energy Sponsored Cleantech Business Competition
For the first time ever, MegaWatt Ventures – a $100,000+ prize competition for small businesses in clean tech – is coming to NC! This exciting accelerator-based competition provides seed funding, top notch mentors, and business bootcamps over six months, to enable companies to inevitably compete in a grand finale event. This final forum pits highly competitive small businesses to pitch their technology and business model in front of a prestigious judges panel, comprised of renowned institutional investors as well as energy industry executives.
MegaWatt Ventures is funded by the US Department of Energy in an effort to focus regional resources to empower the Southeastern United States into a clean technology super-region. The program can assist applying companies with their applications, connect them to local small business development/coaching resources, and is culminating local university capabilities (such as lab expertise and intellectual property) into a single, easy to navigate website

Eligible companies must employ a local university student and be headquartered in the following states to apply: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. For more details on the competition, how to apply, or access to your local resources, please visit or call 407-882-0594.


American Underground
Large Conference Room


334 Blackwell Street
Durham, NC 27701