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Innovation in RTP series


Speaker: Lane R. Miller, Vice President of Global Technology, LORD
Topic: Computer Control of Vibration and Innovation Best Practices

LORD Corporation is the leader in the development and implementation of computer controlled systems for managing dynamic loads and motions for vehicles and aircraft. These systems, often referred to as "active systems," provide high value to our customers in terms of improved performance at low weight. As the only global supplier of turn-key active vibration control (AVC) systems for helicopters, LORD has a family of AVC products for helicopters including: (a) low weight and cost AVC targeted at lightweight helicopters, (b) Omni-directional AVC that utilizes bi-directional force generators and (c) Hub-mounted vibration suppression (HMVS) - groundbreaking technology that will replace passive hub-mounted treatments to provide superior performance at greatly reduced weight.

LORD's real-time active balancing technology provides continuous in situ dynamic balancing of rotating machinery. While thousands of these systems have been fielded for use on industrial machinery, LORD is now applying active balancing systems to aircraft - including large turboprops. Use of active balancing systems on aircraft can provide measurable improvements in O&S costs by (a) extending maintenance intervals and (b) improving the life of engine-mounted components.

LORD has over two decades of experience developing and commercializing electronically controllable damping systems. LORD has also pioneered robust magnetorheological (MR) fluid and Magnelok devices as key enabling technologies.

Now, LORD linear and rotary controllable damping technology is implemented on cars, trucks, marine craft, spacecraft, and civil structures. In each case, controllable damping provides control of dynamic loads and motions that cannot be achieved with conventional passive systems.

While focused on computer control of vibration, the presenter will discuss general lessons learned and best practices for accelerating innovation throughout the talk. 

Lane R. Miller joined LORD in May 1979 as a research engineer and was promoted to Research Manager, Active Systems in 1986. Advancing to Director, Mechanical R&D in 1991, Lane led LORD Corporation's initial commercialization activity for electromechanical products. He became Director, Mechanical & Process Tecnology, assuming responsibility for all mechanical product R&D and process development in August 2003. In 2007, Lane was promoted to Vice President, Global Technology for all of LORD Corporation. In his organization there are more than 300 engineers, scientist and technicians that support the company's technologies in adhesives, coatings, vibration attenuation and motion control.

Lane received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology form the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Pa. :a Master of Engineering in Engineering Science from the Pennsylvania State University, and Ph. D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University. He holds more than 15 patents in activie control of vibration.  

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