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14th Real Time Linux Workshop


10/18/2012 - 10/20/2012


Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL)
UNC-CH Computer Science


Real-time systems have evolved over the past decades in a relatively calm manner - performance has increased, one can say dramatically, but the main paradigms were pretty stable since the mid 80s. This has changed now. The big change that is moving into the embedded field is multicore - and that is not an adaptation of our current methods but a re-design from scratch in quite a few cases - notably of our way of thinking about real-time.

Linux in embedded systems is well established, ranging from consumer electronics to network devices and increasingly industrial applications including safety related systems. The technological resources suitable for high-availability, real-time, and safety critical systems have been continuously expanding and improving - allowing to cover the entire development life cycle of industrial projects based on open-source tools. At the core of this development is the availability of stable operating systems with reliable real-time properties. Extending and improving these real-time properties of open-source RTOS is continuous research and development effort that OSADL documents in the form of the annual Real Time Linux Workshop.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Modifications and variants of the GNU/Linux operating system extending its real-time capabilities,
  • Contributions to real-time Linux variants, drivers and extensions,
  • Tools for the verification and validation of real-time properties,
  • User-mode real-time concepts, implementation and experience,
  • Real-time Linux applications, in academia, research and industry,
  • Safety related FLOSS systems
  • Work in progress reports, covering recent developments,
  • Educational material on real-time Linux,
  • RTOS core concepts, RT-safe synchronization mechanisms,
  • RT-safe IPC mechanisms for RT and non RT components,
  • Analysis and Benchmarking methods and results of real-time GNU/Linux variants,
  • Debugging techniques and tools, both for code and temporal debugging of core RTOS components, drivers and real-time applications,
  • Real-time related extensions to development environments,
  • Linux platform concepts and design.

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$256 Business rate / $64 Individual rate. Special rates for students and OSADL members.


Sitterson Hall & Brooks Computer Science Building
Department of Computer Science

UNC-Chapel Hill
201 South Columbia Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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