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2012 SmartCommute Challenge Kickoff




2:30 PM - 4:00 PM


SmartCommute@rtp and GoTriangle


The 2012 SmartCommute Challenge, an annual non-profit public service campaign aimed at reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality in the Triangle, encourages commuters who work or live in Durham, Orange or Wake counties to pledge to ride the bus, carpool, join a vanpool, telework, bike or walk to work at least once between September 1st and October 15th

Join us for the annual SmartCommute Challenge Kick-Off!

Learn how it’s possible to live car-free (and care-free) in the Triangle from keynote speaker, Steve Hinkle.

Enjoy a traditional carnival atmosphere with commuter themed games as we put fun back into your drive to and from work.

It’s the perfect way to sign up for the Challenge and learn more about how you can save money by changing your commute.

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Please RSVP here by August 31


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