The Research Triangle Park


Saxapahaw, NC Apr 23 8:00 am - Apr 24 10:00 pm

SwitchPoint focuses on great ideas, tools, and people making a real difference in the world in areas such as humanitarian innovation, global health, and technology. The conference seeks collaboration among unusual parties, bringing together the brightest thinkers and entrepreneurs from multiple industries to innovate and collaborate on solutions to critical issues.

SwitchPoint will challenge you to stretch your boundaries, categories, comfort zones, and contacts.  Featured speakers are building innovation hubs around the world, printing 3-D organs, crowdsourcing crisis response via text, driving policy, shaping investment, mapping everything. They are building medical devices out of broken toys and using boats, motorcycles, and mobile phones to care for people. They are using film and photography to change mindsets, visualizing data to make people pay attention, and sharing their ideas, designs, and code to scale and create great things to help people.

The conference is a fast-paced, inspiring and interactive 2 days in a slow pace setting down by the river in historic Saxapahaw. It features presentations, performances, hands on microlabs and unique networking opportunities at the award winning Haw River Ballroom.

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