The Research Triangle Park

The future of great ideas

A night-time view of the North Carolina state capitol building in Raleigh


Deciding to locate your company within Research Triangle Park comes with a bevy of opportunity. With three, world-class universities within miles of the Park's boundries, the possibilites for research partnerships and qualified employees are endless. Our history is built upon our partnership with local universities. Today, this still remains as our best incentive to companies wishing to relocate within RTP.

The Research Triangle Park does not directly provide funding to potential tenants. There are also no specific grants for locating within the boundaries of RTP.

Incentive opportunities can be found through state and regional agencies. More focused incentives are available for specific industries, such as digital media and biotechnology.

For programs offered by the State of North Carolina and by regional economic development groups, please check visit our partners page.

For information on incentives offered to various industries, please see industries.