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Board of Directors Adopts Resolution Honoring Liz Rooks for Distinguished Years of Service


Board of Directors Adopts Resolution Honoring Liz Rooks for Distinguished Years of Service

  • Liz Rooks recognized for her 20+ years of commitment, outstanding leadership and contributions
  • The Research Triangle Foundation Board of Directors celebrated Liz Rook’s service and honored the staff of the Foundation with an appreciation luncheon on Thursday, May 5 at the Research Triangle Park Headquarters

In recognition and profound appreciation for her 21 years of service, the Board of Directors recognized Liz Rooks for her outstanding contributions to the vitality of the Research Triangle Park today.  Honorees of distinction have been traditionally awarded through resolution by the Board of Directors, for those who have had significant years of service and demonstrated outstanding contribution to the organization.

“Today’s adopted resolution of her distinguished years of service is in appreciation for the tremendous infrastructure that has been built in the Park that she spearheaded over that period of time. More importantly, this celebrates the sense of community and purpose she engenders in all aspects of the Foundation’s operations,” said David Ward, Board Chair. “Liz is an institutional treasure who will continue to play an important role in shaping the Park’s future.”

Playing an active leadership role, Rooks has been instrumental in the success of the Board of Design, the Owners & Tenants Association, the Durham-Wake Service District and the Triangle Service Center to ensure that the Research Triangle Park remains a globally competitive place for R&D and a key driver in the dynamic Research Triangle region.

Additionally, Rooks has overseen some of the most important infrastructure projects within the Park for over two decades, including the construction of a lake that serves as storm-water retention and an amenity for companies in the southern part of the Park, the construction of the RTP Headquarter Campus, the way finding system, more than $39 million of road construction within the Park and other capital improvements that have created recreational amenities in the Park, including a vast network of jogging/pedestrian trails, softball fields and mountain biking trails.

Rooks is the interim CEO and President of the Research Triangle Foundation.

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